Monday, February 27, 2012


          So this past Saturday I went to a Pitchapalooza!!! What on Earth is a Pitchapalooza, you ask? Well, it was (as I found out when I got there) a chance for local aspiring authors to pitch their story ideas to a panel of judges, all of whom have experience in the publishing world. It was described on the website as 'American Idol for writers'. If your name was drawn from the hat, you had one minute to complete your pitch, at which point the judges would give you feedback. The winner got to be introduced to an agent in their genre. Awesome, right? It was!
          Funny thing was that I never intended to enter. I just came to watch, listen and learn. Mostly because I don't like the pitching your idea method (I prefer the query synopsis type exposure). But when I got to the door, the lady asked for my name, so I had no choice.
          So there I sat with about fifty other authors, enjoying the experience. Ten pitches in, I got the feeling that maybe, just maybe I should have something ready, just in case I got picked. So I scratched together a little pitch based on the rough draft of my query letter. And wouldn't you know it, a few minutes later, they called my name!
          Long story short, I did my pitch, they loved it, I got valuable insider advice. I didn't win the Pitchapalooza, but I did get some networking in. All in all, wonderful experience. Check out the link for more details about the Indie Author Publishing Conference!

Monday, February 6, 2012


My life has now no meaning but is frought with endless woe
for my eyes once drank of beauty that they now shall never know
the one who once was life herself has long since gone from me
her memory a pang of death that I forever grieve

Her skin a liquid alabaster formed of fluid grace
the aura of perfection emanated from her face
I prayed to hold her hand in mine the velvet of her touch
just once to know her flawless smile I longed her lips to brush

Her presence more intoxicating then the sweetest wine
her every phrase melodious a symphony sublime
her hair of auburn silk her eyes an iridescent jade
the air thick with her fragrance was a toxin in my veins

She knew not of the torment she inflicted on my being
she is the fiercest nightmare most entrancing of my dreams
but now our chance encounter ends abruptly as begun
the light she shown extinguished so to d
arkness I now p

Friday, February 3, 2012


You know my favorite characters? Villians!
      More specifically, antagonists. Antagonists drive the story forward, pushing the protagonist toward his/her goal, effectively shaping the protagonist along the way. To be a hero requires villians, and to create a decent protagonist requires an equal antagonist, and I love that dynamic.
      I always wondered why villians like Magneto (X-Men), or Darth Vader (Star Wars prequel trilogy) or even Lex Luthor (the Smallville version) appealed to me more than the cookie-cutter 'take over the Earth' types.
      I have the most fun reading about antagonists that aren't evil or bad in and of themselves, but that gradually grow to do bad things because they think it's right. I think in today's world, that's the more believable type.
      That gradual fall from grace is fun to write. Because we can relate, because we can sympathize. And it makes that moment when the hero and the villian clash that much more poignant. 

First Post EVER!!!

Yeah, so as the title suggests, this is my very first blog post! Yippie Ki Yi Yay!!!

Anyways, welcome. Let's get the basics out of the way.

My name is James Ramos. I'm a twenty-two year old student living in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm also an aspiring writer. Which brings us to the point of this blog: to share some of my writing with the world at large (or, whoever reads this anyways).

That said, in the next couple of days I'll be posting some short story segments. For starters. After that, who knows, check back for updates!

P.S. Follow me and I'll follow you (unless you post smut. I hate smut).

Kirk out.